Classic New England fly fishing available in NH's Seacoast, Lake's Region, and the North Woods of Clarksville and Pittsburg throughout the season.  State licenses and permits required. 

Daily Rates

 Quarry Mountain Guide Service uses a variety of methods, from wading to canoes and kayaks, to access a vast array of New Hampshire water ways.  Ask about remote trips to limited access ponds and overnight wilderness camping to add another level of adventure to your trip! 

Getting Ready

What to Bring

  • Fly Rod, Reel, and Line for Target Species
    • 5 wt recommended for trout
    • 7 wt recommended for bass
    • 9 wt recommended for salt water 
  • Chest high waders with belt
  • Wading boots with studs
  • Collapsible wading stick
  • Hat, Sunglasses and Sunblock

Weather Conditions


Be prepared for temperatures from 40 to 90 degrees F.  Mornings can start out chilly, especially on the water, but temperatures warm up throughout the day.  Always be ready to shed layers and keep them with you in your vest or day pack.

We encourage you to always come prepared for the worst weather conditions possible.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions about your attire if you are unsure, we're happy to guide you in the right direction to ensure a safe, memorable, and comfortable experience! 

Medical Conditions

 ALWAYS disclose ALL medical conditions and medications to your guide ahead of time.  Every condition is relevant.  Reasonable accommodations can be made to adapt any trip as long as we have the information ahead of time.  Be sure to bring double the medication you think you'll need and keep it with you at all times.