Lucky Hunters

Moose hunting in New Hampshire is truly a once in a lifetime experience that requires a great deal of luck in the permit lottery, followed by lots of scouting, preparation, and skill.  This is not a hunt successful lottery winners should gamble on and we're here to ensure you have a safe, memorable hunt with your best chance of success!  Specializing in zones A, B, and J2.

Weekly Rate

The NH Moose Hunt takes place annually in mid-October for a duration of 9 days.  We are prepared to hunt dawn to dusk in search of your moose for as long as it takes for one fixed price.  Successful hunters are welcome to head home early with their trophy or stay in camp to enjoy complimentary upland hunting or river fly fishing for the duration of the trip.

Weekly rate $2,775

Lodging and meals also available

Services Included

Preparing for your moose hunt is no small task.  We begin prep work immediately after the lottery in June to ensure you're ready to hit the woods come October.  We'll take care of scouting out the spots in late summer and early fall so you're in the best spot come opening morning with more options readily available.  We also take care of all the transportation for the week from the camp and can get your moose to the check station and butcher if necessary.  In the woods we'll handle the calling which is a real treat to sit back and watch the action unfold!  After the harvest your guide will field dress the moose and get them back to the truck through whatever means necessary, including quartering and packing if needed.  This is truly a full service trip for your once in a lifetime hunt!  

State licenses and permits required.